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Salt & Sand Blending

  • Fast & Efficient
  • Best equipment in the business to ensure uniform, superior blend
  • Well trained, professional staff
  • Constant communication to monitor your inventory levels
  • We stay until the job is complete

Treated Salt

  • Non-leaching
  • Excellent & Fast melting capacity
  • Fresher, hotter blend made onsite & customized to your specifications
  • Save HUGE dollars by treating salt onsite with best equipment in the business
  • Well trained, professional staff

PROTEK® WTS – Sand Treatment Testimonial


Things are going great up here in Petawawa . Roads are so good with this treated sand, I hardly need to patrol .

I have used the treated sand on multiple occasions now where I would have normally used salt.

Two things I noticed were, it took care of the road condition just fine, and after the rain was over I still had sand on the road for the next event .

Now since the big melt I can clearly see lots of sand still on the road surface and not blown away.

I figure already have saved my salt cost to offset the treated sand cost with one or two more events I will be ahead of the game .

Please book us for next year’s sand treatment. Thanks have a great festive season.


Peter Lapointe – Lead Hand

Public Works

Town of Petawawa Public Works Department

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