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Salt & Sand Blending

  • Fast & Efficient
  • Best equipment in the business to ensure uniform, superior blend
  • Well trained, professional staff
  • Constant communication to monitor your inventory levels
  • We stay until the job is complete

Treated Salt

  • Non-leaching
  • Excellent & Fast melting capacity
  • Fresher, hotter blend made onsite & customized to your specifications
  • Save HUGE dollars by treating salt onsite with best equipment in the business
  • Well trained, professional staff

PROTEK® WTS – Sand Treatment Testimonial


Things are going great up here in Petawawa . Roads are so good with this treated sand, I hardly need to patrol.

I have used the treated sand on multiple occasions now where I would have normally used salt.

Two things I noticed were, it took care of the road condition just fine, and after the rain was over I still had sand on the road for the next event.

Now since the big melt I can clearly see lots of sand still on the road surface and not blown away.

I figure already have saved my salt cost to offset the treated sand cost with one or two more events I will be ahead of the game.

Please book us for next year’s sand treatment. Thanks have a great festive season.

Peter Lapointe – Lead Hand


The pugmill mixes our sand to a perfect blend. The entire pile is mixed consistently. This is critical if faced with litigation.

The mix that we use meets our level of service without requiring the addition of more salt. This controls costs and protects the environment.

The treated sand stays on the road better, which results in less bounce and scatter.

Last winter, we used treated sand on many days when the temperature was too low for salt to work effectively. Our level of service was not reduced at all. In fact, we found our roads bared off nicely. We never added any additional salt to our sand. Therefore the added cost for the pugmill process is offset by salt savings.

We will continue to use this process.

Chris Mantha – Manager of Public Works

Town of Petawawa Public Works Department

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