• High Value Prewetting, Anti-Icing and DLA (Direct Liquid Application) liquid.
  • Fast ice-melting action with low-temperature performance (as low as -40°)
  • Overall reduced ice-melting cost


  • Engineered liquid for Prewetting, Anti-Icing and DLA (Direct Liquid Application).  Scientifically tested and proven, PROTEK-50°C® provides maximum performance while minimizing environmental impact.
  • PROTEK-50°C® melts faster and at lower temperatures while reducing your costs and your salt consumption.
  • Modified to reduce corrosion (inhibitors) and enhance melt rate performance (freeze points as low as -50° C)

PROTEK WTS – Winter Treating Agent for Salt & Sand

  • Specifically formulated with rheology modifying natural organic fibers to enhance (Anti-Leaching / Spalling) sand and salt stockpiles.
  • Custom Mix Designs available for unique climate, aggregate and performance objectives.
  • Corrosion inhibitor significantly reduces wear to equipment and concrete, saving trucks, infrastructure and deicing surface.

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